You are here because your photos mean everything to you. You want something a little different. Artistic. Authentic. Meaningful.

And you want it to be laid back and easy. When you choose Heidi Kirn Weddings you won’t have to worry about your photos.

I consider it a huge honor to spend one of the most monumental days of your life with you. I am passionate about documenting it creatively for you.

A fine art degree in oil painting and a career as a magazine art director, which includes Maine magazine's Wedding Guide has given me the unique perspective to capture and tell your story. 

My photography style is rooted in both editorial story telling and fine art aesthetics. The unexpected moments in between "the shots" are always my favorite. I love being creative while allowing authentic moments and emotions to unfold. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about having those fleeting moments captured.

I live near the coast in Maine. When I am not photographing love stories you can usually find me exploring the docks somewhere or on the beach. 

Some random facts about me:

I grew up in rural western Maine but moved to NYC in my 20s to be in a rock band. (Good thing that I had a day job as a graphic designer at Nickelodeon.)

Once purchased a run down VW van that was hand painted black with a target painted on the top with the fantasy that I would learn how to fix it up. It had a railroad tie for a bumper and filled with black smoke when I drove it. (It never did pass inspection.)

I love organic local food, wandering through farmers markets and eating at all the amazing local restaurants in Portland, Maine.

Random adventures are my favorite.

I laugh (a little too) loudly at times.